Warranty Information


Metal Coat Tile and Signs offers a lifetime guarantee that the metalcoating will not delaminate from the substrate. When installed and maintained properly the metalcoating will not chip, flake or peel under normal usage. Certain foods and acids may cause changes in the finish. Our metalcoating has the same aging qualities as real metal and needs to be cared for as such. Please refer to our Installation and Care Instructions included with every order.


1. Damage resulting from negligence, misuse, abuse or accident during and/or after installation.
2. Failure resulting from not adhering to Metal Coat Tile and Signs specific instructions regarding heat source.

WARNING: Tile, Glass Blends, Onlays, Plaques and Mosaics installed above a cooktop, outdoor kitchen or fireplace must be set 5 to 6 inches above and 3 to 4 inches back from the heat sourse and have a minimum 2-inch set back from the profile (face of the tile). Heat source includes oven vents and fireplace blowers.

3. Defects resulting from any modification or improper usage/installation.
4. Changes or damage to the finish.


1. All claims for damages, apparent or concealed, should be made in writing to Metal Coat Tile and Signs within five (5) days after receipt of merchandise.
2. Failure to do so within the five (5) day period shall constitute acceptance of the merchandise and waiver all future claims.
3. Metal Coat Tile and Signs will, at its own discretion, replace or repair damaged or defective merchandise
within a reasonable time period.
4. It is understood that all claims for damages or loss of material in transit shall be filed by the buyer
directly with the carrier and NOT with Metal Coat Tile and Signs.
5. If packages are received in damaged condition, please note this on the carriers receipt. Be sure to save
all damaged cartons and packing materials for presentation to carrier when filing claims.
6. Metal Coat Tile and Signs will not accept liability for any collateral damages caused by failure of
products supplied.
7. All claims for labor, shipping cost, incidental or consequential damages will not be accepted.