Bellagio Medallion BN HLP 24 x 24


Featuring the Bellagio Scroll Liner, Enya, Madison and Marcello Borderless shown in bronze, highlight polish with botticino florito and noche (S2 & S5)



A handcrafted harmony to be seen

This beautiful handcrafted mosaic medallion, features the Bellagio Scroll Liner, Enya, Madison and Marcello Borderless in bronze, with botticino florito  and noche tile with highlight polish finish. This handcrafted medallion shows perfect harmony once you put it, it reflects the hard work put into the crafting of this exceptional piece of mosaic. This will look perfect in your kitchen as your new tile backsplash. Just imagine yourself turning on your stove for that special dinner to cook, and suddenly you are caught up admiring the complexity of the design of this perfectly made mosaic medallion.

In addition we have different finishes, for example, Highlight Polish or Oil Rubbed along with you also have the option to metal coat every piece of the mosaic medallion like the Bellagio Scroll Liner or the Enya Medallion.

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In MCTS we care about the quality of our product, therefore, our products are 100% made in the USA.


Additional information

Weight 30 lbs
Dimensions 24 x 24 in