Copper sample high polish CP-HP


Copper Sample High polish finish 2.00 x 2.00 x .25 order today and start your project the right way!!. 


Copper sample high polish CP-HP

Save Money with copper samples

Copper sample high polish CP-HP is the best way to see in real life the Metal Coat finish. Make a decision and save lots of money. Order a sample on line and mix and match all your designing ideas. Send us anything to custom Metal Coat or pick some of our beautiful pieces from our MCTS catalog. Start your own and unique design. We know that copper samples are necessary to make decisions to start your project.

If the order its place before noon pacific time we send it same day.

Custom Copper samples

Shop for copper samples showing in copper high light polish. Change to the view of your dreams; by using real copper with a Metal Coat technique and custom copper all your ideas.

Why Copper Samples are important?

We use a formula with real copper to apply on almost any surface; to create the illusion of real cast copper. Copper samples are manufactured in our facility in California; then we polish and finished by hand, that’s why our metal coated tiles and copper samples are important and play a good role on decision makers.

What can I Metal Coat?

After the copper sample high polish CP-HP is in your hands and you all ready decide to custom copper metal coat your (for example: lamp, furniture, or your ceramic piece of art), for us its easier to match exactly your needs.

How much Metal Coat cost?

Custom copper high polish price its calculated by square foot and at any time customers can request a quote to determent if this is a good idea. Every project its different and we can’t tell you the exact price. We always need a photo or design of your piece and the exact dimensions.

Not Sure of Copper Metal Coat?

If copper in NOT what you are looking for, Metal Coat Tile and signs has also color and finishes sample boards where we use 7 different metals and 5 different finishes available for you at any time.


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In MCTS we care about the quality of our product, therefore, our products are 100% of USA.

Additional information

Weight .25 lbs
Dimensions 1.25 × 1.25 × .25 in