Product Performance Information

Metal Coat Tile and Signs uses a proprietary blend of composite metal and binder that is cold-sprayed onto virtually any substrate to create the look and feel of solid cast metal. The metalcoating has a living finish and will age naturally over time.

The metal is applied as part of a proprietary seven-step process. At an average 7 to 10-mil thickness (plating is less than 1-mil thick) our metalcoating adds less than four ounces of weight per square foot, provides the durability of solid cast metal, and is non-corrosive and nonconductive of electricity. Our metalcoating has a Class 1-Class A fire rating.

Metal Coat Tile and Signs uses a proprietary blend of urethane for our substrate and once metalcoated may be used for interior and exterior applications, and will withstand freeze/thaw conditions. All products can be easily cut or mitered using a wet or dry saw and the metal will not chip, flake or peel. Field tile or tile with low relief may also be used for floor application. Tile may be used in a shower or pool area, as a backsplash, on a range hood and around a cooktop or fireplace. (See installation instructions regarding heat source). For all installation information please refer to the Installation page in our catalog or on our website.

Product Performace Rating
Abrasion Resistance >41.7 ASTM C1353
Coefficient of Friction (Dry) >0.7 ASTM C1028
Coefficient of Friction (Wet) >0.6 ASTM C1028
Moh’s Scratch Hardness 2
Burn Rate Passed FAR 25.853