Signs and Plaques

With Metal Coated Signs and plaques HDU metals the combination is a very affordable way to make plaques & signs that look like real cast metal! With HDU and about 12 mills of metals, the cost of our product is only a fraction of the price. Compared to solid cast metal, you are creating an efficient durable sign that will last through the years.


          Metal Coated Signs and plaques HDU metals

HDU stands for High-Density Urethane foam that is 100% water resistant and very easy to work with. If we combine Metal Coated Signs and plaques HDU metals with years of experience, we can create almost any plaque or sign that you need.

Once the Metal Coated Signs and plaques HDU metals are coated, we hand finish to give a natural look & feel! Applying patina to the metals can give the naturally aged finish you desire, or the polished new shine! High polish, High Light Polish, Antique Patina, & Oil rubbed are finishes ranging from bright to almost black to complete your sign!

Since we are using real Metal Coated Signs and plaques HDU metals, the metal coat will never fade! Rather, the metals will patina just like any noticeable metal exposed to the elements over time.

                                Renderings/Graphic Design

We have skilled Graphic Designers here to help with creating your Metal Coated Signs and plaques HDU metals sign. We require a $50.00 deposit fee for design and rendering fee which will go towards your order once placed. Once we start production your rendering design is FREE!

If you have a logo or a file that you want to add on your sign, we can do it for you. From there, it takes anywhere from one to two weeks of production time depending on how detailed your creation is.


Metal and Finishes

At Metal Coat Tile and Signs, we offer four metal coatings and two finishes for your dimensional signs. We DON’T use paint whatsoever…everything you see are REAL metals with a REAL patina to get the finish you desire.

Brass, Bronze Copper & Nickel silver are the most common metals used in many sculptures & signs you see today with a naturally aged distinction over the years. We can recreate that look using our hand polished finishes including High Polish(shiny), High light Polish(dull shine), Antique Patina(darker), Oil Rubbed(black) and Verdi(green).

Metal Coated Signs and plaques HDU metals end results is pristine, durable water-resistant! At MCTS there is no job too big or too small, we make signs according to your necessity!  For more information call us at 951-695-4522 or email us at Se Habla Español.

                                           Tending 2017

Trending this year in 2017, the mixture of Nickel Silver & whites, such as Marble has been a big hit so we classify this as our contemporary modern look and designs. Copper is our superhero antimicrobial metal which is great for medical offices & buildings. Bronze and Brass speak for themselves and never fail to impress as Metal Coated Signs and plaques HDU metals.


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HOA Private Drive Sign
HOA Sign Private Drive 12″X24″ A100

Oval Plaque with Brass Metal A002