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Chateau Grape Medallion

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If you are looking for a different touch for your home, we show you a range of handcrafted mosaics. The one shown in this image is designed with natural stone and copper pieces.

Ideas can make a huge difference in your home interior design!. On this page we will show you the infinite possibilities of designing with metal tiles.

We often get calls and emails for suggestions on where to put our products and our answer is always they can be use indoors or outdoors. Also you maybe surprised to know, We can apply metal to almost any surface for example like wood, plastic, ceramic, or even on other metals.


Recently Metals are becoming more and more popular, even the metal look is in high demand including the rustic look, making it work well with many colors and finishes.

Check our MCTS catalog: to see the different kind of liners, buttons, decorative accents we offer as well as our mosaic medallion catalog. On this page you well see the different design options that you are able to work with.

After you select exactly what you need, you can email us at, or call us at 951-695-4522 to find locate one of our nearest vendor where you can place an order.

If you are in a need of custom metal coatings call us or email us, we are sure you will have a wonderful experience with MCTS, Because If you can think it,  We can make it happen! 


MCTS Boards


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