Frequently Asked Questions

What Makes Metal Coat Tile & Signs Products So Different From Similar Products?

Metal Coat Tile & Signs craftsman use a proprietary blend of composite metal and binder that is cast or cold-sprayed onto virtually any substrate to create the look and feel of solid cast metal. The metalcoating has a living finish and will age naturally over time. Similar metalcoated products made by other manufacturers are a mixture of ceramic, polymers and metal flakes poured into low relief molds. These products do not have the same quality and do not perform like Metal Coat Tile and Signs products under similar conditions.

How Do You Get The Heavy Relief In Your Tiles?

Our artisans use wood or clay to create the original pieces showing beautiful intricate patterns and deeply carved relief. Molds are made from the original designs and pieces are then solid cast or metalcoated to achieve the desired effect.

How Durable Is The Metalcoating?

Think of our metalcoating as you would your car finish. Your car can take years of rain, snow, sunlight and the local car wash, but you wouldn’t use harsh chemicals or abrasive sponges to care for it. Treating our products the same way will ensure years of lasting beauty and remember we guarantee our tile for life to never chip, flake or peel under normal usage. Like the sealer you put on your car to protect the finish, we also recommend Stain-Proof™ Original by Dry Treat ( or Gojo ® non-abrasive hand cleaner to form a barrier between the finish and moisture.

How is Metal Coating Different from Plating, Powder Coating and Cladding?

The metal is applied as part of a proprietary seven-step process. At an average 10-mil thickness (plating is less than 1-mil thick) our metalcoating adds less than four ounces of weight per square foot, provides the durability of solid cast metal and is non-corrosive. Our metalcoating has a Class 1-Class A fire rating. Unlike plating, powder coating and cladding,Metal Coat Tile and Signs metalcoat is available in seven metals and eight finishes and can be applied to almost any substrate. Metal Coat Tile and Signs process uses recycled metals when possible and is environmentally conscience.

Plating is less than 1-mil thick and is restricted to specific surfaces, has limited metals and finishes, and is harmful to the environment.

Powder Coating is a finely ground powder applied to a substrate and heated to its melting point to create a smooth film. Unlike metalcoating, powder coating can chip and requires the application of heat, eliminating most substrates and is not real metal.

Cladding is a thin sheet of metal attached to a surface (i.e. wood, metal or plaster), which creates the potential for delaminating.

Which Metals And Finishes Age The Fastest And How Do I Care For The Finish?

High Polished Bronze, Copper and Brass will begin aging the fastest. High Polish & Highlight Polish will keep their original appearance by occasionally applying Gojo® sparingly on a soft brush and then buff dry with a towel. Antique Patina, Oil Rubbed, Verdi, Rust and Wrought finishes will not age, but should be oiled (mineral oil) occasionally to protect the finish.

Tile installed in wet areas should be wiped dry with a soft cloth to prevent spotting. Use Gojo® non-abrasive hand cleaner sparingly to remove unwanted green patina. Stain-Proof™ Original by Dry Treat ( is recommended to seal entire area. Stone enhancers, sealers and cleaners may be used and will not prevent metal from aging. There is no maintenance required for tile installed below the water line. Our ceramic clearcoat sealer may also be applied before installation – check with customer service for cost.

Where And How Can Metal Coat Tile and Signs Products Be Installed?

Metal Coat Tile and Signs uses a proprietary blend of urethane for our substrate and once metalcoated may be used for interior and exterior applications, and will withstand freeze/thaw conditions. All products can be easily cut or mitered using a wet or dry saw. The metal will not chip, flake or peel from any cutting or drilling. Field tile or tile with low relief may also be used for floor application. Tile may be used in a shower or pool area, as a backsplash, on a range hood and around a cooktop or fireplace. High relief tile, liners, chair rails and bases installed above a cook top, outdoor kitchen or fireplace must be set 5 to 6 inches above and 3 to 4 inches back from heat source and have a minimum 2 inch set back from the profile (face of the tile). Failure to do so may result in damage and will void the warranty. Heat source includes oven vents and fireplace blowers. For installation information please refer to the Installation page in our catalog or on our website.

If not using mortar, construction adhesive may be used. All types of grout may be used but care must be used for epoxy grout – no acidic clean up. Apply a quick set epoxy if using tile as an onlay over existing stone or ceramic tile. Tile may also be glued to metal or wood range hoods and wood cabinets using an appropriate adhesive or wood bond such as SikaBond®.

NOTE: You must allow adhesive to off-gas (5-7 days), then run a clear bead of silicone around outside edges to keep moisture out. Refer to the Installation pages in the Metal Coat Tile and Signs Showroom Catalog for application of onlays and plaques.

How Long Does It Take To Receive My Products?

Every Metal Coat Tile and Signs order is made entirely by hand to meet your exact specifications. Once our talented artisans complete your order, we carefully wrap and pack your order to ship as quickly as possible.

NOTE: Metal Coat Tile & Signs does not stock finished products, however we may have product available. Please call for a Stock Check.

QUICK SHIP TILE ORDERS: 3-5 Business Days*



SINK ORDERS: 4-6 Weeks*

EXPEDITED ORDERS: Available on request for most orders for a 25% surcharge.[/notice]

*Estimated ship date is calculated from the time a signed Order Confirmation is received (during hours of operation). NOTE:  Size of order may affect turn around time.

Can I Buy Tile And Mosaics Direct From Metal Coat Tile & Signs?

Metal Coat Tile and Signs products may only be purchased through authorized dealers. For more information or to locate a showroom near you, please email us or contact our Customer Service Department at 951-695-4522.