Environmental Statement

Metal Coat Tile and Signs is committed to environmental conservation and sustainability. As a green-conscious organization, Metal Coat Tile and Signs strives to produce eco-friendly products in a globally responsible facility.

Metal Coat Tile and Signs is proud to have created it’s own proprietary formula for metalcoating applications. When compared with the environmental issues associated with foundries and plating facilities, our proprietary metalcoating process significantly reduces emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOC’s), disposable liquid waste, consumption of energy and consumption of natural resources. Metal Coat Tile and Signs uses recycled metals whenever possible.

In 2008, Metal Coat Tile and Signs developed a new proprietary casting substrate that does not emit VOC’s into the atmosphere. Additionally this innovation allows us to drastically reduce the energy requirements associated with the facility’s ventilation equipment.

The Metal Coat Tile and Signs production facility is located in the state of California that has some of the strictest emission control standards in the world. In order to adhere to these requirements, Metal Coat Tile and Signs is dedicated to utilizing environmentally friendly practices and materials throughout the facility. We use energy-efficient equipment and lighting, packaging made from recycled content, eliminates waste and recycles trash whenever possible.

All manufacturing is done exclusively in the United States creating American jobs and eliminating the wasteful energy consumption associated with overseas transportation of imported products.