Making Mosaics


The Making Mosaics

We make a lot of Mosaics here at Metal Coat Tile & Signs and we make them well. We offer a variety of our standard Mosaic Medallions as well as create a variety of Custom Mosaics. We can also, resize any of our Mosaic Medallions to your specifications. We can help you create your very own work of art. We even offer a service that allows you to receive a rendering of your custom Mosaic so you can see what it will look like before you order.

We hand finish and polish each metal piece that will go in the Mosaic. The artisan that receives the order begins by measuring and laying out the mesh backing. Before they begin to layout the Mosaic they double check to ensure their template is the correct size. They count all the metal pieces and collect the correct stone cut and color.

All Stone is hand cut by the artist. We offer four stone cuts in seven colors. We offer stone cuts in Grid, Brick, Fan and Quarter. Some Mosaics will use multiple cuts of stone. Glass can be added to the stone as well as Metal Grids and Stixs.

Once the artist has all of the materials they layout the metal pieces and begin laying out the border. When everything is set, the hard part begins. The stone and metal are laid piece by piece and a work of art is made.

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