How to Clean Metal Tile

How to clean Metal Tile

After the final step a clean Geneva (G-400400-A5-MA82) metal tile, GOJO and a paint brush.
After the final step a clean Geneva (G-400400-A5-MA82) metal tile, GOJO and a paint brush.

As an employee at Metal Coat Tile and Signs and it didn’t take long  to learn the most asked question is “How do I clean my tile? What do I use?” Even though the process had been explained to me, I wanted to experience the process for myself.

I went to our warehouse manager and he talked me through the process. Then left me in my little corner to clean away.

I was relived to see how easy cleaning the tile.

Supplies recommended: GOJO hand cleaner, a clean paintbrush and a clean soft cloth.

Step 1: Apply GOJO generously to the metal tile using the paint brush.

Step 2: Clean brush and leave GOJO to dry.

Step 3: Use the clean brush to brush off the dried GOJO.

I am going to be honest, while cleaning metal tile is fairly easy to do my impatient side kicked in and I tried to clean the tile before the GOJO had completely dried. I recommend waiting for the cream to completely dry. But I had already started to clean off the GOJO so I continued to wipe off the GOJO. The final result of the clean tile was amazing. It looked new.

Geneva (G-400400-A5-MA82) metal tile after I applied GOJO.
Geneva (G-400400-A5-MA82) metal tile after I applied GOJO.

If you would like a more in-depth article on cleaning I would recommend going to our Care Instructions page.

I hope you find this article helpful and we here at Metal Coat Tile and Signs can answer any other questions about Metal Tile, please just ask.

Installing Tip: GOJO hand cleaner can be applied before grouting as a grout release and also to remove grout haze on all surfaces after the grout has dried.



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