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Making a custom Mosaic by Metal Coat Tile & Signs

Making Mosaics

The Making Mosaics We make a lot of Mosaics here at Metal Coat Tile & Signs and we make them well. We offer a variety of our standard Mosaic Medallions as well as create a variety of Custom Mosaics. We can also, resize any of our Mosaic Medallions to your specifications. We can help you create your very own work of art. We even offer a service that allows you to receive a rendering of your custom Mosaic so you can see what it will look like before you order. We hand finish and polish each metal piece that will…

Before and After the cleaning process, Geneva (G-400400-A5-MA82) metal tile, GOJO and a clean paint brush.

How to Clean Metal Tile

How to clean Metal Tile As an employee at Metal Coat Tile and Signs and it didn’t take long  to learn the most asked question is “How do I clean my tile? What do I use?” Even though the process had been explained to me, I wanted to experience the process for myself. I went to our warehouse manager and he talked me through the process. Then left me in my little corner to clean away. I was relived to see how easy cleaning the tile. Supplies recommended: GOJO hand cleaner, a clean paintbrush and a clean soft cloth. Step 1: Apply GOJO generously to the metal tile using the…

US Craftsmanship

For many, Labor Day means a day off from work and the end of summer.  But why do we call it Labor Day?  Celebrated as a national holiday in America since 1894, Labor Day was originally set aside as a day for labor unions to pay tribute to working men and women.  With labor unions reaching an all time high in the 1950’s when about 40 percent of the work force belonged to unions, the day of celebration included large picnics, parades, top-notch speakers and was full of festivities.  Today with a union workforce around 14%, Labor Day isn’t nearly…