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Venetian Bronze Sink and Venetian Bronze Toilet by Metal Coat Tile and Signs

Can Marble Tile Be Metal Coated?

Can Marble Tile Be Metal Coated? The answer is, “Yes, of course”. We can metal coat just about any hard surface you can possibly think of including marble.Recently our customer Chris from Wayne Tile called with the question, “Can marble be metal coated”? Now if you are reading this blog you may already know what metal coating is but I’ll explain, you know just in case. MCTS has created a proprietary blend that contains real metal which is cold sprayed on virtually any substrate. We Metal Coat customer supplied products, as well as products developed exclusively by us.  Each Metal…

US Craftsmanship

For many, Labor Day means a day off from work and the end of summer.  But why do we call it Labor Day?  Celebrated as a national holiday in America since 1894, Labor Day was originally set aside as a day for labor unions to pay tribute to working men and women.  With labor unions reaching an all time high in the 1950’s when about 40 percent of the work force belonged to unions, the day of celebration included large picnics, parades, top-notch speakers and was full of festivities.  Today with a union workforce around 14%, Labor Day isn’t nearly…